This Life Is Truly About Bringing Glory To God

  Doing what God desires is the greatest life investment. Standing for his truth is more important than life itself. Your eternal soul depends on your heart and eyes to open to the truth of his plan and merciful salvation. He came to set us free from death and gives us his strength to fight the sinful war we wage in our hearts and minds. Jesus defeated Satan and all his lies and put all of our past transgressions on that cross some 2000 years ago. He brought everyone out of eternal chains with his unfathomable love and grace. He desires to love you and died for you to love him. Use social media for positivity, spread encouragement, say what’s real and lift people’s faith, eyes and hearts above the false reality that exists now. Life isn’t for us to control and carry the burdens, this world and its pressure breeds narcissism, worry, anxiety insecurity, envy and jealousy… Materials, looks, status, relationships, it all ends but your soul is taking the damage and you can only fight and hold on for so long without Christ. It’s our purpose to live in his love and be made righteous in the eyes of God. We love the world and what it offers more than our perfect loving God, Young and old.. We weren’t created to carry the burdens life and our decisions created for us. Jesus said give me your life your heart and I’ll save you, seek his heart. We’re all sinners that’s what makes us the same, we all have our own story, and we all struggle still with desires and thoughts that go against God but our faith in Jesus and our pursuit of his word and truth and the degree at which we turn from sin separates us as human beings. I fell in love when I saw the deep truth of his love and message, understanding everything is vain that belongs to this world. Now He’s making me holy turning me from sin, he lives in my heart his words and way of life are perfect and pure and he wants us to strive after him knowing one day he will reward us for fighting for his truth and our brothers and sisters soul, we are hurting our fathers heart the Spirit that created you and gave you his life to bring peace to the world we messed up since the beginning. We didn’t Deserve his grace. Empathy and morality has been lost, sacredness has been lost in this false godless world. Being a true follower of Jesus and a “Christian” are two different things don’t get lost in the teaching and fake labels, don’t get lost in religion, it’s all a deceptive lie. Upon true salvation, when we hear him by faith and understand how desperately we need him, we become the temple of our lord. He’s spirit and he’s love. Get lost in him he’s real. Jesus is God in the flesh.. The word in the flesh. Is it my reality that’s messed up or everyone else’s? Please Stop hurting yourself, don’t give in to the flesh, let Jesus’s love nourish your soul, he died to live in our hearts.

“For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.””

Matthew 18:20 


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