We Are Lost

“Humility is not thinking less of yourself, it’s thinking of yourself” C.S. Lewis

   Matthew 22:36-39: “The Pharisee asked, “Teacher, which COMMAND in the law is the most important?” Jesus answered, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart, soul and mind.’ This is the first and most important command. And the second command is like the first: ‘Love your neighbor as you love yourself.’”

   Being guided by Jesus’s genuine Love and grace, with transparency upon Gods truth should be a Christians identity but so many are lost on Jesus’s deep truths and take his words and the fight for our souls lightly. “Dear “Christians”, the way we love our neighbor carries a lot more weight than how much scripture we can quote”. People’s souls have become deeply lost, Christians have become spiritually blind and lost not desiring Gods heart and truths, misrepresenting his heart completely especially Americans. We are not God conscious, we have become complacent due to our hearts and minds being hardened and conditioned by the patterns of this world, religious ideals, denominational sects, legalistic teachings and lies with pagan traditions dating back for ages, dividing hearts and minds from God. We have blended so many man made ideals claiming to be of God confusing and turning away so many. (Isaiah 29:13-16)..

Paul stated to Christians and converted Jews who had fallen back into the world after salvation saying, “Now am I your enemy because I tell you the truth?” (Galatians 4:16)

  God is Perfect and just. God is Spirit and God Is LOVE. Seek his word on those basis. I can’t say that enough. God tells us to worship him in Spirit and in Truth. He’s the basis of life and our spirit is the base of who we are so shouldn’t love and walking in the spirit be the basis of the way “christians” live? Many care about your heart but who cares about your soul? His words and Love are the single most powerful everlasting entities on this earth and in Heaven, just think about that for a moment.. Love is eternal! What do you or would you do for the people you love? What lengths would you go to save the people you loved? To give and care for? To feed, clothe, give guidance, the right guidance to? What sacrifices would we make to bring the ones we love and care about out of darkness? How much understanding do we have for the people we truly love and know? God gave us life and truth Through Jesus our Lord and Savior. He brings true freedom opening the eyes of our hearts allowing us to see and feel what he feels, understanding the broken and unfair world we live in that we created letting Satan dictate and deceive us with false love and creating a reality apart from the truth. The religious political lies and Worldly standard around us has made us forget what’s truly happening. We were created to live in paradise in Gods love apart from sinful and chaotic world so run to Christ because this world is being overran bad by Satans spirit against Jesus, walk in the spirit and you’ll see. 

     As people we hate hearing the truth about ourselves and try to run to a reality that we conjure up and what the world puts out to us, we find highs to forget the lows never addressing the pain and problems that Jesus has forgiven and redeemed us from with his abundant love and grace. We hate opposition more than we hate displeasing God, “what’s good is considered evil and what’s evil is considered good in today’s society”. A Lot of Christians are guided by works for acceptance, selfish desires and motives forgetting that Jesus’s gracious love is genuine and truth. He broke us free when he fulfilled the cursed no salvation bringing commandments. We are not relying on the Holy Spirit, our discerner that drives our hearts to burn for Gods heart and truth through his faith and grace. Especially when we see souls being clouded by false gospels and self righteous hypocritical believers. The two commandments at the top embody all his commandments with Love. If we are the temple, God is with us everywhere we go, not at a building called church. “I apologize for “Christians” with pickets saying God hates fags, I promise Jesus wouldn’t act like that” Andy mineo- Christians should find ways to save peoples souls instead of saving rights and condemning people. 

 We have been misguided by our biblical perception, Inputing our feelings to line up with scripture not seeking his will. We are taking his words using them and proclaiming them out of complete context. We run off Prosperity and compromising feel good preaching fitting God and scripture into our concepts instead of trusting and listening to his divine truths not leaning on his wisdom and understanding. We’ve gotten away from divine morality and true understanding due to our lack of being transparent and gracious to one another forgetting what Jesus’s finished work did for a non deserving soul stained humanity. We’ve gotten so far away from the single most important being in our lives and evil is taking over now like the bible has prophesied.

      We use God as propaganda and for cliche statements. We take his teachings to justify our ways and perspectives, we see salvation as something we deserved and gave to ourselves when it was a free gift paid with the price of blood from our sinless Lord Jesus Christ. We see God as a genie and ask why when our health and finances fail or things don’t go our way and run to him only in times of need, not understanding what Jesus truly came to do and the words he spoke. We pray for success and think everything we receive is a blessing from him instead of discerning to see his will, sanctifying us through the word and the power of the Holy Spirit upon being reborn of the spirit making love, obedience and eternal joy abundant in our hearts dying to ourselves daily and this carnal world. 

He builds trust, spiritual resilience and endurance in this sin driven satan controlled world, creating us to be like Christ escaping sin. Heavenly riches and earthly riches are two different things but we don’t understand that. God is allowing people time to turn their hearts and minds from our perceptions and understandings to run to the free gift of salvation only through Christ because so many are living in vain not seeking and using the gifts he bestowed on us to reflect Jesus’s grace, truth, and love. We are Lost in the monotony and pleasures of life, living by the flesh instead of taking heed to the spirit of truth. Christ living in us upon salvation is literally everything, it’s all about him saving our soul, being in awe and deep reverence of his goodness, love, power, strength, and grace being beyond sufficient for us in every circumstance. its a growing process so let’s choose to grow and get closer to Gods heart. 

Jesus stated, “Don’t you believe that I am in the Father, and that the Father is in me? The words I say to you I do not speak on my own authority. Rather, it is the Father, living in me, who is doing his work. John 14:1

True Followers of Christ have been connected to the Holy nature of God so rejoice in the freedom his grace brings but be aware of what’s going on, it’s not all doom and gloom but when it comes to caring about the people lost in this world, it hurts me like it hurts God. We are in a dire spiritual battle we didn’t ask for so let go and let God. If God is creating in us to become like Jesus what does that all Entail? Pray and believe and you will receive guidance. The Holy Spirit is to be heard and followed, he reveals Gods will and instructs us in the spiritual race we are running to reach our destination of love that God has called his children to. His children rise up in this dark world, overcoming it with the good fight of Faith with our living Lord.

“Professing faith and the possession of faith are two different things!” R.C. Sproul-

If we aren’t sold out to Jesus Christ we will sell out to the world especially when opposition and tribulations come which are here now, especially spiritually and mentally. So many have died in vain thinking there soul is with God and it’s sad. If the Jesus you met hasn’t changed your heart and mind take a look at what you perceive.. We are selfish, murderous, greedy, perverse, immoral, racists and envious. We run off untrustworthy feelings living for our pleasures and happiness pleasing our sinful nature and desires letting satan and our flesh keep us away from walking in the spirit and perfect Love. Not circumstantial human love that we are accustomed to but everlasting and never changing Perfect Love that casts out all fear, a consuming fire, perfect love righting all our wrongs, perfect love that corrects out of love holding people’s hearts together in perfect unity just like God our Father God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. They are on one accord because of the perfect love and truth they reside in and one day soon that kingdom is coming. God doesn’t break promises. He’s a father that has loved his creation dearly and we are the rebellious selfish children, he’s still standing on the porch waiting to forgive and give you true life.

   God sets us in Christ, cleansing us from sin joining us to his Holy family as children. He teaches us his perfect ways by the power of the Holy Spirit sanctifying us into righteous children. We are reborn of the spirit compelled by his love and grace to proclaim his goodness, truth, and return, waiting patiently for him to usher in a perfect society.. In him we see the truth in this illusive world that’s full of lies that we are blind, careless, and ignorant to. His spiritual refuge of love and righteousness is the way out of oppression, hate and deception. The way out of resentment, envy, pride, injustice, prejudices, and racism. The way out of the hurt and pain caused by failures, our bad choices, pride and unjust/unfair circumstances that plague people in this world.. Give your life to Jesus, he died for that reason. You aren’t your mistakes and your self worth is found in Christ’s love. He’s bringing his perfect kingdom soon so hang onto his love and truth. He wants us to desire him and his never ending love. We have to hold his heart and words above anything in this world resting on the promise of his return in his full glory freeing us from our sinful human nature. Evil will take over before he comes and his words and love are the answer. 

Christianity is just a word, religious and denominational sects are just man made ideals. “Possessing faith and professing faith are two different things” understand that. The building called church and going to church doesn’t mean you’re close to God. Claiming you’re a Christian or “Catholic” doesn’t mean you know God. The Pope, Joel olsteen, clef lo dollar and so many more religious prosperity preaching and teaching men are leading people astray. They don’t stand for Jesus’s truth only making people and their pockets happy. The Vatican, catholicism, has influenced the western world with its paganism since Constantinople. The pope does not truly know God and so many are lost in that idolatry and religious system until this very day with its paganism mixed with Jesus’s truth. Only Jesus Christ living in you allows you to know the heart of God so seek his truth. He cares nothing about the works of religious laws, he cares about your heart, your soul and you knowing and abiding in his love and truths. The burden he gives us has nothing on the heavy eternal burden sin brings. The blissful powerful peace, living truth, and eternal unfathomable love Jesus brought upon his death to save our souls is the most powerful weapons we posses being his true and faithful followers. We should care not about what people do and say to us, not even in death. Righteous anger exist but check your intentions and motives and remember this is spiritual warfare. He died for the people of Islam, the Buddhist, he died for atheist and anyone else who is against him by will or lost in ignorance. Saying you’re a Christian doesn’t make you better than any of those people or saved, the different branches of religion all tie together being man made, Jesus Christ is divinely true. 

Love covers over a multitude of sins because when we possess his love we keep his just commandments. He’s giving people time to wake up to his will by his truth and love that have been deceived and the ones who even spit in his face. The Holy Spirit allows discernment and absolute truth cutting through here say, personal opinion and feelings, cutting through traditional lies and customs including any religious man made ideology that has clouded people’s minds for ages. “Measure Christianity on Jesus’s words not man made terms and definitions”.. The term Christian in general was a man made term by the Grecians for people who followed Christ. Gods true love allows us to escape the death we all deserved living free of fear, rejection, and acceptance. Jesus is the true light of the world, not knowledge or human beings false and reckless love but Jesus’s love marked by death on the cross and his pure teachings.

We live in a broken and imperfect system, in a world where we aren’t truly free so why do we take so much pride in a dirty country brought up by death, lies, and deceit? A country raised from Power, greed, soulless no Christ involved Christianity and racism? Does Killing, enslaving and Conquering in the name of Christ sound like anything Jesus walked and talked about? Does division, deceit, and thinking we are better than others sound like love and Jesus Christ? Does worshipping, making and praying to statues of his images and disciples sound anything like the message he brought? God has been used as propaganda for centuries now, especially for the start of America. It’s man made understanding and ideals brought on by many selfish and out of context reasonings. Hierarchy, intergenerational Money, power and prestige will always rule no matter who people vote for. Satan runs this world in such a beautifully deceptive way so I belong to the kingdom of God and pledge allegiance to his truth, love, and grace. We don’t take pride in Gods truth and in knowing his word and him so we walk around blind. He commands us to seek him and truth diligently.. Those who he has saved, We once were lost and still are imperfect so how can we think we are above anyone or be self righteous when he saved us for no reason but because he loved us? Take a step back and look at the world around you and open the eyes of your heart to see clear. If the Jesus you met hasn’t changed your life and I’m not talking financially and so called blessings, I’m talking about spiritually and becoming God conscious, check what you’ve been shown and taught your whole life. Jesus truly saves and baptizes us with his purifying spirit bringing true love and understanding in our lives. 

Gods Love and understanding has been deceivingly masked by political intentions and conformity, political correctness, prosperity and “good intentions.” Clouded by the Love of money, power hungry self-righteous people compromising Gods word and Jesus’s sacrifice due to selfishness, business and control. The nature of men and governments haven’t changed since we bit into that Apple wanting to become like gods and the devil is still running this world mimicking Jesus, posing as an angel of light giving many what they want and deceiving people through self realization, peace and “love”.. it’s not about America and preserving our laws and sustaining our country, it’s about people’s souls in this world, building and running the spiritual race to receive his world, his soon coming governance. I’m not saying let’s forget about progress and helping others out with innovation due to good will and caring services but in all reality it’s not about reaping physical so called God sent “blessings” for our happiness, just because you have things doesn’t mean you’re blessed or in his favor. He’s allowing people to live to see his son and turn from our selfish ways recovering his lost sheep in this dying world and glorifying our savior in all that we do listening and understanding his Will. We fail to understand and realize that perilous times are here and this spiritual fight is the most serious fight you’ll ever face because to lose is dire for eternity. He cares about our well being but the spirit, our faith, our heart is everything so set it on him.. Most don’t care anymore and I hate that for them because I understand the distractions of pleasure, hopelessness, broken hearts, unfair circumstances and all the lies but please just think, we have to want to escape sin and open our hearts to see beyond what we think and perceive. We can’t put pleasing people, ourselves, and the world above pleasing God, it doesn’t work that way, it’s a full loving commitment, a marriage.. 

    God cares for all his creation, but those he places in Christ are his children who become blameless and redeemed so join the fam. He desires to have an intimate relationship with us but we don’t care for him or think he doesn’t truly exist and I promise you he does, me writing this wouldn’t be possible if he didn’t. The more we open up to God the more he will reveal himself to his faithful. Be vulnerable and watch how close you get to God.. People who search for truth and understanding, people who have humble hearts and eyes for the soul walking with peace, love and grace, those who ask why and question and doubt their faith and belief in Jesus due to brokenness, meekness, and confusion searching for something to make sense in a world full of lies, mistreatment and chaos. You’re searching for Jesus’s love, truth and promises. He has all the answers any caring selfless, angry or broken soul could fathom and more. We were made to be loved specifically by our Creator. His love brings you peace that is so powerful it surpasses understanding bringing a renewed mind and heart becoming God conscious. His love and grace helps us fight against our sinful nature and sets our heart on fire with burning genuine and passionate love.. He’s an eternal loving and living God and no one truly understands you and the thoughts and pains you’ve felt more than he does. He was perfect, our God walked with us and we persecuted him because he kept it real like so many who have passed away for standing up for what’s right.

It’s our choice to accept his love and truth in a universe of free will, so find out for yourself what he is really like and not what others tell you about him and preach at you, experience him, you personally. He says “Seek and you will find.” Wholeheartedly Pray to him, read his word and he will answer you, I promise you that. Your hearts intentions and motives matter deeply to him, you matter deeply to him no matter the seriousness of what you’ve done or who you think you are.. Outcasts of the world he came to save and those in the world he came to save. As Christ’s chosen we each fit his plan differently of spreading the gospel for the body of Christ, through the power of the Holy Spirit he seals those who run to his love and truth to build our faith up pleasing the spirit that will last for eternity instead of our flesh, showing the love and grace he showed to us on that cross. He never said it would be easy but he said it’d be worth it. 

We all have to go through the wilderness because he wants us to fully rely on him to not carry these burdens of life on our shoulders. When we realize how bad we are lost in sin and realize what he’s done for us, we will FINALLY understand how much he truly loves us, you’ll see what he’s truly trying to do.. 

He will show you that people are lost and need guidance. People are scared of change and truth, people are scared to see what’s really going on in this world so please let go of pride and selfishness, let your ego be humbled by his loving sacrifice, and let his power help you overcome fear. Please Stop seeking fame and glory for yourself. We are beyond powerful, even at our weakest in his Love so let’s overcome fear, lets escape ignorance and not limit ourselves when it comes to understanding. I battle myself and what people think of me often speaking out for what Christ has shown me. I battle with insecurities and the desires of my flesh often, battle with feeling unworthy and being ostracized. I still struggle with temptations and fall down on this path but his love pushes me, his grace, promises and absolute truths pushes me because he’s truly what matters in this life and people’s souls truly matter to him. Speak up and out for what’s right being guided by love and his divine truth. Followers of Christ, We are a child of the one and true living GOD so get plugged into the source of our power through the Holy Spirit. The Spirit of God didn’t create us to play it small and hide things from his faithful so be bold and diligent with him and we can’t be stop. 

         Helping one person counts so open the eyes of your heart to see what’s really happening. A lot of Uncontrollable, designed Poverty and oppression, people dying for Jesus still till this day, people running from shame and regret, people living for others acceptance mistreating others because of differences and misunderstandings of the pain and lives they lived that lead them to certain circumstances, ignorance and reliance of self. Walk in people’s shoes, walk in Jesus’s shoes and you’ll find many reasonings and misunderstandings. We are fighting a good fight for his love and truths in a world that has abandoned him and leaned on its own understanding instead of Gods. Faith is activated by Love and Love is the pathway to true freedom, perfect loving correction, absolute truth, understanding and works inspired by his grace and love. People who say they follow Christ, Step outside yourself, step out of your arrogance, ignorance, and pride. Step out of your comfortability and the shallow conditioned mental box we’ve been made to think and perceive things in and you’ll see true reality. You’ll see how bad we really are as people but how good and faithful God is.. There are awesome people in this world outside of knowing Christ but Gods perfect loving truth is the one that matters. It’s truly not about religion or being in church every Sunday, paying tithes, special prayers, or the title you have given yourself with the building you attend. it’s about His perspective and a deep true loving relationship with Jesus Christ, living by the spirit. Im not saying forsake fellowship and don’t help the people who are spreading his love and truth but don’t get caught up in the show. He gave us a way to live out of true love but we turn away from him and doubt that he came to present himself and his truths through ALL of us who want to become his followers so just trust, believe and abide in his love. We are the temple… 

             He blesses us each differently to reach people. let’s face what we fear with how he sees us as loved and accepted! The example of love stamped on the cross says it all, he will guide you so have trust and faith in what he says about us instead of listening to the lies in our heads and what people say about us. He’s the word in the flesh so listen and walk, Ignorance is bliss until you see what’s truly happening in people’s lives because we are all connected through Imperfections and struggles. We all feel pain differently we haven’t walked in each other’s shoes but try and let’s speak words of life sharpening and encouraging others.. You’re soul is the single most important thing in your life so please stop running with the crowd, friends, parents, and what this world says is okay. It’s okay to be different and still love people, lets step back and be real with ourselves about life. We see it everywhere everyday. It’s been happening since the beginning of time but it’s so bad now that we are letting satans spiritual oppression eat up so many souls through what people perceive as ok and the hate rhetoric mixed with Gods love and truth.. 

Gods plan will be accomplished very soon on bringing us home, just look at the times.. He made us and wrote this story before it ever started, Just look for yourself instead of what you’ve heard, be DILIGENT. I hope and pray Jesus guides you to his love, He’s eternally deep and so real. He’s working in me, just say yes to Jesus’s love to work in your heart and watch what happens. People need help, we are lost but Jesus, our lord and savior, the King of kings has redeemed us so turn to him for life and allow him to be Lord. Being Luke warm is dangerous, so please be all in or nothing. 

All Creation is waiting for Jesus’s glory to be revealed and here soon we will all witness his return so please wake up. He’s the only way, the truth, and the life, without him we are spiritually dead not even knowing it. You’ll want to live and love the right way by following him and that’s for eternity… Pain is universal and we all struggle internally from the rich and prosperous to the poor and poverished. From the preacher in the pulpit to the woman on the corner or the drug addict, No matter how far you think you are away from God, no matter what you’ve done and said against him, he’s standing there with open arms waiting for us to accept his love and join you into the Royal family for life. Turn to his righteousness and you will have nothing to fear not even death! Jesus defeated death and broke us free from the no salvation bringing law and false idolatry, and orthodoxy religions embodying everything in his death and love, causing faith and grace to reside over his faithful who stand and abide in his love and truth. “Romans 13:8-10- please read this verse” Let’s live for him now in a world full of darkness and shame being lights so we can stand blameless upon his return. It’s deeper than saying I believe in God and Jesus, “professing faith and possessing faith are two different things” R.C. Sprouls- think about that again. It’s deeper than just going to a church building.. “People don’t enter church on Sunday’s the church enters a building on Sundays” -Sam Allberry. 

      He desires us to deeply fellowship with him and other believers confessing our sin and praying for each other keeping our spirit up and running in a cold world, seeking the broken and hopeless. He builds us up as new born children going through the wilderness to come out strong and full of faith! Just like Israel, John the Baptist, Moses, and even Jesus. Struggles produce faithful warriors just look at the great men and women in the bible. He wants us to know him intimately so don’t get comfortable… So many things have become so much more important than him in this world full of “riches.” satan lies are abundant through all the doctrine and feel good things out there today. 

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them.” Ephesians 5:11 

“And this is the confidence (the assurance, the privilege of boldness) which we have in Him: [we are sure] that if we ask anything (make any request) ACCORDING to HIS WILL (in agreement with His own plan), He listens to and hears us.” 1 John 5:14 

Much love, and may Gods spirit reveal truth and love to those who are lost and cold. Hope is found in him so please don’t allow your heart to be bitter and cold any longer. With hope there lives room for change and with change there lives room for hope. Turn your heart to Jesus because he wants you no matter who you are or the mistakes you’ve made. Evil is rising so put on your spiritual lenses. Those who are reborn again and know it, You’re the temple, may God renew your heart and mind with the truth of Jesus Christ and his loving-sacrifice  by the Holy Spirit.

Jesus deserves it all. 


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