“In Jesus we find a God who would rather die for His enemies than kill His enemies.” B. Zahd

Redemptive violence has ruled the world for centuries, problem-solving by killing. Jesus came to do away with this system. He came to bring a system of redemptive love. A system that has been before the creation of the world. This redemptive Love is co-suffering and bears all things in the face of possibly being killed, forgotten, misunderstood, rebelled against, taken advantage of or for granted. Operating within this way of life enables us to call out to our enemies and opponents with forgiveness that leads to a heart change, turning people back to our Giver and sustainer… Do we trust God in this walking this life out whether we see the change in a person or not? Do we still love these people whether we see a change in them or not? Are we trying to fix people or invite them, with no strings attached, into relationship where transformation happens? We have to stop seeing situations through our political lenses. We have to stop seeing events and one another through corporeal news outlets. We need to stop girding our judgments with condemnation, humanly orchestrated, environmental influences and cultural biases. Assess situations and people to see them like God sees them. To bring about freedom and love in others lives. Can we stop looking at one another and our actions at face value and see the absolutes of the cross and the effects of the unseen scripture talks about, followers of Jesus? Maybe God needs to heal you before you live this life but during you’re healing you’re an example of His divine-love and grace at work.

“Trusting God is seeing that he has moved and continues to move on our behalf. Leading us into joining him to fulfill the destiny he has to restore humanity. His death was the blow to everything that oppresses us and pressures us into walking away from Him and others.”

Our feelings aren’t always trustworthy but God is. We need to judge people based off the sacrifice of redemptive, hopeful, unshakable love God displayed to us while we were still sinners. We need to trust the guidance of Holy Spirit and take His counsel. This comes by way of abiding in God our Father and His tangible and eternal presence and promises. You can’t see me now but you see my words and they are an extension of me. This is even greater with God because he is actually present with you now and forevermore. The Holy Spirit of God is here to lead and guide His people. To impart within what we aren’t strong enough to express on our own. Dive into the implications of what Jesus has done and see it’s more than going to church and living not to sin. It’s more than dressing or looking the part to accepted.. We spend so much time trying to manage everything in our lives that we don’t allow God to step in to speak the truths of Jesus sacrificed and resurrected as us.

Sin (failing to live the life God called us to live towards Him and others) abounds because love grows cold, and we are joining in with becoming cold in this love-less day and age, so be lit on fire every moment by becoming aware of our unity with Yahweh and what He’s done and what He wants to do in every moment and in every facet of your being. Empty yourself and be filled by Him. Be the change with Him. Live and Love from Him. He imparts the love we need to walk in this world to show people what the root problem is: lack of awareness of God’s love and his presence within every situation within our lives, good or bad. His life being ours is the answer.

God’s Love is wrathful. I say that in the sense that he is trying to clear away the evil producing paradigms that enslave us, which stem from not seeing, hearing, and following Jesus. Christian, become Kingdom focused and not hell focused. Trust your life who is Christ. He exposes lies to heal and facing those things hurt sometimes but we know divine joy and abundant life follows after we say yes to God loving alll of us. Our good and bad. Be followers, not just believers. Follow Him from Him. He’s the divine and natural source of all things good that leads to divine peace, justice, equality, and love in this world of diversity. He’s in the shadows just as much as he is in the light. He is the solid rock. Jesus Christ is the message. Don’t let those who are content, stuck, or walk under the pressure of men stifle your thirst for God. God will wake them up by setting you ablaze.

Much love in Christ.


Title credit: H. Kissinger


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